A Picture Story #My side of the story .A.#


Hello everyone

Happy New year!!

Am glad we made it till this year!

I intend to make it an interesting one and fun too,so sit back and go no where.

I want to start with an interactive sessions every Saturday, where we all come together online and give your own view on what you see from an image, the task is to write a very short 30 lines,3 paragraph story with the  picture as your muse.


Submit it in the comment box.

1. The answers are to be posted in the comment box.
2. No editing of answers after posting.
3. Fill free to Comment or like other people story at the end of the day.
4. If you think seeing someone’s story will affect your creativity, then it is not creativity. CREATIVITY is raw and undiluted thought.

(It will be displayed and the sole sense or aim of it, is to let you know that everyone have a different view,story and perception towards and about things, which I guess is a cool edition or episode to start the year with,there is always a different story to one thing #true#).

I would be glad to know each and everyone of you take your time to come online on Sunday and participate.

It’s sure going to create room for us to get to interact and know each other with respect please.

Thanks for reading this as i anticipate your participation,until then, be cool.



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